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Updated: Sep 28

Online trading has, since the 1990's ,been accessible to anyone with a computer and a decent internet connection. Online Trading of stocks,shares, currencies and commodities means you have an online platform where you can buy or sell the underlying asset. ... You can trade anytime and from anywhere using online platforms. There is no paperwork involved, no need to go to the brokerage house or the stock exchange to trade.

We are here to assist new traders to understand the benefits of this trillion Dollar industry.

Anyone has access to this.

We are here to help you choose the right broker.

Which stocks, companies to look out for, which companies have been effected by COVID 19 for example.

Is Gold a safe haven investment. Trade it or buy it?

Foreign exchange? Is the Dollar going to strengthen, what are exotic currencies.

Are Crypto currencies safe to buy or trade? Or should you avoid.

Which brokers are good, which are not so good.

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